CBT for file backup used?

Hello, in CBT page I can read “Change block tracking for UrBackup Client on Windows speeds up image and file backups…”, so I bought a license to test CBT in my home laptop.
For my computer I only do file backups, selecting the folders I want to save, and no image backup is done.
I have “Block differences - hashed” in transfer mode, for local and Internet backups.
In file backups, previous to CBT installing, I see that a hashing is calculated in first full backup for all files in my backup (72GB), and when differential backup is done, the hashing is calculated again, and only the diferences are sent and a patch with size of differences is applied to previous version files on server:
|04/08/22 01:43 |DEBUG |Loading file patch for Correu 2018.pst|
|04/08/22 01:44 |DEBUG |Loading APerez/Correu 2018.pst. 8% finished 709 MB/7.74174 GB at 536 Bit/s|
|04/08/22 01:44 |DEBUG |GT: Loaded file Correu 2018.pst|
|04/08/22 01:44 |DEBUG |PT: Hashing file Correu 2018.pst|
|04/08/22 01:44 |DEBUG |HT: Copying file: /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-47a7b5d4-58d7-4d43-acc9-ffecdac863c0/urBackup/AudiPC066/220804-0138/APerez/Correu 2018.pst (id=16)|
|04/08/22 01:44 |DEBUG |HT: Patching file /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-47a7b5d4-58d7-4d43-acc9-ffecdac863c0/urBackup/AudiPC066/220804-0138/APerez/Correu 2018.pst with source /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-47a7b5d4-58d7-4d43-acc9-ffecdac863c0/urBackup/AudiPC066/220803-2149/APerez/Correu 2018.pst patch size 148.441 KB reflink=true|
|04/08/22 01:44 |DEBUG |HT: Copying file to /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-47a7b5d4-58d7-4d43-acc9-ffecdac863c0/urBackup/AudiPC066/220804-0138/.hashes/APerez/Correu 2018.pst|
04/08/22 01:48 INFO Time taken for backing up client AudiPC066: 10m 10s

After installing CBT Client, restarting the computer, I verified that driver is active for my drives:
|Informativos|04/08/22 01:40|Change block tracking active on volume E:|
|Informativos|04/08/22 01:40|Scanning for changed hard links on volume of “E:”…|

But I see no difference in incremental file backup with CBT: the indexing continues doing a hashing for all files, it sends the differences, and it takes nearly the same time… may I be missing something? Is CBT working fine for file backups, not only image backups??


Yes it is used, but only for the hashing on the client (you won’t see that in the server log) and on the first file backup with CBT it’ll still have to calculate the hashes (only on files that changed).

Thanks for your reply, I’ll make further tests on my computers.
Keep with that fantastic job in urBackup, a great piece of software for all sysadmins :slight_smile: