CBT client updates with server_update_location.url return old branch client


we are using urbackup for a while now and update server and client most of the time manuelly (most of the time the Beta’s). Now I’ve remembered that the client updates could be done by by the server directly.
We’ve buyed CBT licences a while ago (2.0.x) and the license FAQ says something like: “updates 2.x are included”. But if I test

curl https://cbt.urbackup.com/autoupdate/LICENCEKEYHERE/version.txt

the version is 163-cbt (2.0.x) instead of 206-cbt (2.2.x BETA) or 190-cbt (2.1.x stable). I would expect that the 190-cbt is returned.

Is this behavior correct? Did I miss something or is my understanding of the licence wrong?

It will automatically update to the respective server version. That is e.g. the 2.2.x client version is accessed via

curl https://cbt.urbackup.com/autoupdate/LICENCEKEYHERE/2.2.x/version.txt

in the 2.2.x server.

Ah. Ok. Thank you.

Is it possible to manuelly trigger the (autoupdate) client download on the server?