Can't see backups!

When trying to access a backup, i can see the backup dates/times but when i click on a backup it comes up with nothing!


I still havent found any relevant posts about this…

Can someone please help?

Can you see them on disk?
In the path Backup storage path , in the config tab
The directory structure is simple , it s servername and date.

I can see them on the disk no problem just not on the UI… I can see the Dates/Times of the Backups and whether they are incremental or not but when i click on one of those it comes up empty.


Try to delete the groups then recreate them (maybe try with a singl one first)

Thanks Orogor, the files are now showing up, however if i try to download a backup as a zip it is an invalid zip and it is not as big as it should be.

any suggestions?


If there are lot of files. There is a limitation in the zip file format. You d have to restore directly to the client.
However i thought that was fixed.

Ok well either way the backup i needed last week i just zipped and scp’ed it to the client last week, i just saw taht sometimes it worked and sometimes it didnt…

Failed on a directory that was only a couple of GB

I have the same problem but unsure what groups to delete…
Orogor, when you say “delete the groups” which groups are you referring to?


If you delete/create the group that the server you want is in, it should start working again for that server.

So basically, If you use groups, you should re-create all of them.
I had maybe 50 groups to re-create over 6 servers, so i know it’s annoying.

Ok I see. I will give it a try, thanks.

Works fine now! :slight_smile: