Can't login web admin when urbackup is busy

Hey guys,
I am having this inconvenient problem where I am locked out urbackup web admin interface when the server is busy backing up data. Apache loads the page fast but as soon as I authenticate successfully the status gets stuck loading the page. My server starts backing up data during a schedule window so that is when it gets very busy. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Is there a fix/setting/work around to gain access during file/image backup? My OS is ubuntu & web server is Apache running the latest urbackup 2.2.8.


The only time I have seen this issue is when the server first starts up and is scanning the database etc.
Maybe you need a more powerful machine… What’s the spec?

Urbackup is running on a virtual machine 2 vCPU with 4 GB ram.

I have exactly the same issue in a Windows environment. When the server it´s running backup for 3 or more clients at the same time, the web UI is inaccesible.
I do a workaround, doing that only 2 clients make backups simultanously. It is not a solution but at least I can view the status most of the times (not always).

I have set my limit to 100 systems backing up at once and I’ve had no issues.
However, I’m running in a FreeNAS jail on 2 x 6 core CPU’s with 48GB RAM. I reckon I need to double the RAM to sort another issue out but the only time I have issues accessing the backup web interface is when it’s first started and working hard. The database is currently more than 1TB in size so it’s to be expected.

It’s probably the access/write tests when showing the status page. It creates a directory in the backup storage folder, then deletes it again. Same with a temporary file in the tmp file directory.

It’ll probably have to run them asynchonously so you don’t have those problems…

Ok, thank you

Thank you uroni. If running them asynchronously will fix this issue then it will definitely help. I will look forward to seeing it fixed in future updates.