Can't install urbackup-server-web-api-wrapper python module on ubuntu 23.04

Hello everyone,
I’m using a python script and the urbackup API to export statistics on urbackup clients. I’m using it on my ubuntu 23.04 desktop PC (updated from 22.04). I can’t install urbackup-server-web-api-wrapper on it.
On 22.04, it works correctly

Can anyone help me?

thanks in advance

Simple way to copy file from repo and add it via import.

  1. Download from here:

  2. Save it as into your project folder for example /opt/wrapper.

  3. Code will be like in, replace IP and user/pass:

import api
server = api.urbackup_server("", "admin", "foo")
  1. I also recommend to use venv to execute scripts between activate and deactivate:
cd C:\wrapper\
python -m venv .venv
call Scripts/activate.bat
call Scripts/deactivate.bat


cd /opt/wrapper
python3 -m venv .venv
source ./.venv/bin/activate

Or Install via pip in general way (just checked it works):

cd /opt/wrapper
python3 -m venv .venv
source ./.venv/bin/activate
echo "urbackup-server-web-api-wrapper==0.11" > require.txt
pip3 install -r require.txt

Assume you understand 1st to create wrapper directory and update python3 and pip3.

Thanks a lot, you helped me.