Can't browse the folders to be restored on 2.1.19

i cant browse the folders to be restored, all i have is a “restore folder to client button”
Backups seems ok and are present on drive

At home i noticed i kinda had the same issue , but only during a backup, i was unable to browse files for restoration.

Hoo thats weird, i have two servers which are dockers, it s the same image , but on one i can browse the file snad not on the other. And on home and office computer i have the same issue.

ifi try to restore it says:

05/05/17 18:21
Cannot read files from folder C:\urbackup/servername/170505-1734. Cannot start restore.

Kinda odd, the begin of the path is the windows, default one , but the backup server is a linux server and the pah is set.
However, the backuped server is a windows one

How did you start the restore? From the client (via command line) or from the server?

Are you using settings groups?

Never mind. Found the issue. Should only occur if you change the backup storage folder after you create groups.

Ok, i deleted, re-created the group that fixed it.