Can't believe how seamless urbackup was with an HDD cloning

I almost asked a question about this here, but then just went for it, and figured I’d post now to say how amazed I am at how well this worked.

My hard drive was filling up, so I got a bigger one, and used Macrium Reflect to clone the original contents to the new one.

I was concerned that urbackup wouldn’t tolerate the change too well. I thought maybe it would have to re-index, or even worse, re-backup everything. After all, it was physically an entirely new drive.

However, Urbackup didn’t skip a beat. After disconnecting the original drive, so it was fully replaced, I ran an incremental file backup. And it ran just fine. Took no more than 5 minutes to complete, which is typical for my usual incremental file backups. Urbackup didn’t seem to notice or care.

Just wanted to put that out there to reassure anyone trying the same thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is documented either in the manual or other forum posts, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to share! Glad it was this easy, as I’m sure this is a situation that many of us face: upgrading the size of our storage.

Bottom line: Clone replacements of hard drives work just great with Urbackup.

Context of my case: I went from a 1 TB HDD to a 2 TB HDD. I used MBR formatting for both drives. After cloning the original, I changed it’s drive letter in Windows “Disk Management,” and then used that original drive letter for my new drive. Then I disconnected the original hard drive, and everything ran smoothly. Then ran Urbackup’s incremental file backup. Worked great!

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