Can't backup over internet

Hello, I’ve been using Urbackup for the last week or so and I love it so far. Tried to backup another server on another network across the internet. I have the ports forwarded and the remote client says its connected. In the UrBackup Client status is says “Internet connectiong status: Connected to Internet Server”. And I can see this client in the server web admin interface.

However it never automatically starts a backup job. I’ve set it to image the C: drive. Manually trying to run a backup from the web admin gives me the message: Starting backup failed.

There isnt any messages in log section of the web admin interface and the client log remain empty.

Any help would be very appreciated!

This resolved itself. I uninstalled the client, then directly accessed the server’s webgui directly from the client. Removed/cleaned-up/re-added/reinstalled the client and it still wasnt seeing it as online. Closed and restarted the client and it connected to the server and is performing a backup.