Can't auto delete backup

i only need to keep the backup for a week. the backup more than a week need to automatic delete. however, the setting isn’t work. i need to delete by myself.

What way have you set things up to achieve that goal?
I think there is only the limit on how many backups are being kept, as long as the quotum hasn’t been reached. Are you using archiving rules? Remember then what archiving means: an archived backup is supposed to be kept indefinitely.
Please elaborate (and maybe ask a question) so we know what this post is asking/telling us.

the backup things are windows system C drive. only need to keep a week . but urbackup program won’t delete more than a week backups.

Sorry, i’m trying to understand what settings you have set on the server to achieve this goal.
Can you explain what settings you made and where you have made them to achieve the desired goal? And of course what you expected to happen and what is happening in practice?

Thank you for the help . i’ve already resolved the issue. the reason is backup and cleanup at the same time . now ,i’ve already setting the cleanup on another time.

I also have backups running in the same timewindow as the daily cleanup, never had any problems with that. I still wonder what it was exactly what you are doing over there…archiving, something else i didnt see before? I got curious, but you dont mind, your issue is fixed.

In fact, I didn’t doing anything , just setting daily backup jobs.