Can't Add Client


I’ve been wrestling with a new client (Win 10) on a different subnet from server, and I can’t seem to add client to server at all. Not from IP address Hint in server console at least, I’ve also tried using Internet, and was able to add client to server that way, but eventually server would just not connect to client and would show offline.

When I use IP hint, it first shows client is online, but then says it’s offline and doesn’t try to reconnect.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Is this a possible client firewall issue?

Or is there a firewall or some other access list issue impacting this client?


If you are trying to use the “internet” method, then you need to make sure that you have either correct DNS resolution and/or loopback enabled on the firewall, and otherwise ensure that traffic is able to cross the subnets…

Just in case you haven’t tried or weren’t aware, you can use Telnet to test this with the Command Prompt using the following commands:
Telnet <hostname/IP> 55414
Telnet <hostname/IP> 55415

If you get an error, then there is something wrong with the traffic flow - either that DNS isn’t correct (host not found) or it can’t get to it…

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