Cannot see image backups under backups

When searching for backups using admin account I see:

From activities I can see there should be successful image backups

How can I list and/or access these image backups?

If you click on the client’s computer name it should open the more detailed backup info - there you should see images and files backups

Thanks for your reponse! I missed that so far.
From there I can see file backups, list contents and download a folder with the content.

For image backups I can only see some statistics

I would have expected some download link for a vhd file or something similar.

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yeah image backups are only accessible (as far as i know) directly from the network share where it’s backing itself up

Thanks. Would be a good feature to have this somehow accessible. If you have incremental backups, it somehow needs to be “merged” with all previous incrementals plus the latest full, to get the full content. Wouldn’t know how to do it…

Yeah i would like also to know how to merge these file backups. at the moment i have like some files here, ssome files there etc…so time-consuming to find when needing to restore

I’ll ask a separate question.