Cannot report error on appliance

We are (beta)testing the infscape urbackup virtual appliance and when clicking on ‘report problem’ and input the text, we receive the message:
“Error reporting problem: Internal problem report issue.”

Seems to have worked anyway. Will look into why it shows an error message.

Hi Uroni,

Yes, it did work twice (without error), but when reporting another issue it stopped working with the above error.

Where can I find more documentation on this “UrBackup (Virtual) Appliance - Beta”? I tried booting it in Hyper-V and it would not boot. (Sorry, I didn’t note down any errors at the time. I will test again and get some more error messages). What kind of configuration does it expect? CPU cores? RAM? Recommended storage configuration?

I downloaded the latest version and booted it up in Hyper-V. Very Slick!!! I like it. It looks like a well polished commercial package. I do have some questions about it, but I want to make sure this is a good place to ask them, as it is a paid product technically.

  1. Typo in the licensing alert at the top, should say “Trial”, and not “Trail”
  2. There is a free Community version, but also a paid Commercial version, at $20/month. What exactly is this recurring cost for? Why not a one time fee, especially if I’m using my own local or cloud storage?
  3. Will some of the features, like Replication, ever be available in the free version of UrBackup? What other version s of UrBackup can I replicate to? Can the free Community version of the appliance Replicate to another free Community version?
  4. Does this Appliance come with AWS S3 storage, or do I have to provide my own?
  5. When I click on the “Documentation” link at the bottom of the web console, it tries to go to and fails. That’s the local LAN IP of the Appliance, so I guess the PDF is not where it’s supposed to be. Is there a copy of the PDF on the web somewhere? I was unable to find it on the UrBackup Commercial page.

Thanks in advance. This might be a game-changer for me, once I understand the appliance better.

@uroni, can you offer any info on the appliance?

I’m bumping this topic once again. I really would like to get answers to some of my questions. I want to support this product and using the commercial appliance seems like a good way to do it. Can we get a dialog going? If you’d rather communicate by email, I can do that, but I think a public discussion would benefit more people.