Cannot get Client to work on Opensuse

Hi all,
I have UrBackup working on my AtomicPi based server and it is working well.
I have functional clients on a Win10 machine which has completed a backup in full.
I also have functional clients on two debian based machines which just work out of the box.

However my main machine is Opensuse based and the command line client setup tool installs but fails to get recognised on the server. I have also tried building from source but again this fails to build on the Opensuse based system - even if I resolve all the dependancy issues.

So it seems that UrBackup only really supports debian based versions of Linux. There are no preconfigured client packages available on Opensuse.

So my question is simple, has anyone else gotten a Urbackup client working on a none debian based system and if so how ?


Have it running on openSUSE and LinuxMint. Both work as expected.
Did you open the ports for urbackup in the YaST firewall?

I used the “UrBackup Client 2.4.11 for Linux” from here

I opened TCP ports 55414, 55413, 35623, 35621 and UDP 55414, 55413, 35622.
I have just installed the server on my Opensuse box (to try to pull in any missing dependencies) and it detected the client on the Opensuse server which is on the same machine. Unfortunately the client is now locked to the Opensuse server rather than my debian server I set up initially so I haven’t yet established that the debian server can detect it.

If I add the IP address of the client to the client list it always says it is online - but doesn’t migrate to the active clients afterwards.


Ok I managed to get the Client to be recognised. It seems to have been me adding the server to my Opensuse machine which solved some undeclared dependency issue. I had to remove the server ident code of my Opensuse machine from the server_ident.txt and add in the debian server code. Once I did this the client was recognised and the backup started all by itself.



I spoke to soon.
My server rebooted mid backup (a problem with my mobile MIFI provider which causes a reboot every evening as they allocate fresh IP addresses on their CGNAT) which made the client lose connection with the UrBackup server.
I am now unable to get the client to be recognised. I see broadcast traffic out of the UrBackup server but no reply traffic out of the client.
This must be some quirk of my rather complex home network setup (I run a pihole and a squid server) but for the life of me I cannot work out what my issue is.

Looking at this log entry it seems the issue maybe that the client is attempting to use ipv6 when the network is only using ipv4

ERROR: Error joining ipv6 multicast group ff12::f894:d:dd00:ef91

Update : Disabling IPv6 on my debian server shows promise to have solved my discovery issues. Seems this is a reasonably common issue for people.

Update: IPv6 definitely seems to be the cause of the problems. In the end I had to enable IPv6 support on my debian server to allow the connection to be made. Previously I had it disabled by default.