Cannot create directory /mnt/BACKUPS/urbackup/<machine-name>/161003-1122 for backup (server error). File exists (code: 17)

Hi everyone,

I ran into a new problem that I haven’t seen before. I installed a fresh copy of urbackupsrv (2.0.34) on Ubuntu 16.04. I install a client (2.0.33) on a Windows 10 machine.

The client finds the server just fine but when a backup is initiated a get this error:
Cannot create directory /mnt/BACKUPS/urbackup/[machine-name]/161003-1122 for backup (server error). File exists (code: 17)

This directory does NOT exist prior to the backup run. The path that does exist is /mnt/BACKUPS/urbackup/ .

The server software was able to create the urbackup/[machine-name] directory so I can’t figure out what is wrong here.

Any insight would be very appreciated.

Did you (try to) run two consecutive backups within one minute?

yes, but the first one didn’t work. the directory never gets created.

That one should be deleted during cleanup. Just wait a few seconds till you try again and you should at least get another error message.

the first one was never created so cleanup had nothing to cleanup.

I tried about 5 times with waiting several minutes in between tries and I get the same error message.

Could you attach strace and post the output during such a failed attempt?

strace -f -p `pidof urbackupsrv`

After parsing through the strace file I discovered my problem.

I am using the btrfs filesystem and I had a mismatch between the contents of the backupfolder file (/media/backups/urbackup) and the Backup Storage Path setting (/mnt/BACKUPS/urbackup)

After correcting the mismatch and restarting the backup jobs they appear to have started properly.

I’ll keep an eye on it and see how they go.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

how you modify for a correct folder?