Cannot backup Windows\Fonts folder

Just trying the program for the first time, but I’ve run into the only roadblock. I have a LOT of fonts installed on my computer that I use for graphic design. I need to back those up but the interface doesn’t see the c:\windows\fonts folder at all, as if it doesn’t exist. As far as I can tell this is still a normal folder in Windows 10. Any ideas? Thanks.

Aaaaaand if you add c:\windows\fonts* to the include file list then the client doesn’t backup anything at all but still reports good backups.

Am I the only graphic designer trying to use this thing?? Fonts are important! Some of us spend lots of money on this folder!!

Idk why it doesn’t let you select that folder. The file selection dialog isn’t from me in the first place it is a wxDirDialog. And that one in turn uses calls the standard Windows folder selection dialog, i.e. why is that one not displaying that folder? No idea.

And UrBackup isn’t the only app with a problem there. Seems to be a Windows 10 issue:

As a work-around you could do in a admin cmd:

cd “C:\Program Files\UrBackup”
UrBackupClient_cmd.exe add -d C:\Windows\Fonts

The workaround seems to be working. Thanks!