Cannot Backup Window XP


I have a working UrBackup server that backup correctly about 15 pc (Operating System: XP, WinS 2003, WinS 2008).
The type of backup is Image Backup.
I cannot backup only one pc with operating system Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600).
When i try to backup the client, i got this error:

Info 17.06.14 11:10 Starting full image backup…
Info 17.06.14 11:10 Request of SYSVOL failed. Reason: Opening filesystem on device failed. Stopping… This probably just means the Computer does not have a “System restore” volume which UrBackup can backup.
Info 17.06.14 11:10 Transferred 32.0869 KB - Average speed: 262.856 MBit/s
Errors 17.06.14 11:15 Error on client occured: Error while reading from shadow copy device -1
Info 17.06.14 11:15 Time taken for creating image of client ********: 5m 22s
Errors 17.06.14 11:15 Backup failed

The client have the System Restore correctly enabled, and there are no errors on filesystem ( i have executed chkdsk)

Also, I have another client, with the same hardware and operating system of this machine, that is backupped correctly.

How can i fix this problem?

Thank you so much!

Can you have a look at C:\Program Files\UrBackup\debug.log ?

Maybe put the client in debug log mode…

Can you update the client to at least SP3? I think XP sp2 is really old and UrBackup uses a Windows feature which was added in SP2 (shadow copies).

Unfortunately, i cannot update the client. But i think that the problem isn’t XP sp2: i have many other XP sp2 that are backupped correctly.

Here is the backup.log : the part to check is the last (the first log are written before that i executed the chkdsk)
debug.pdf (468.1 KB)

Now i put the client in debug mode and then i sent to you the new log !

Thank you!

Sorry, i need an info for debug mode! If i put the client in debug mode, i also have to restart the server?Reading the administration manual it seems like this.

Thank you!

No no need to restart the server. Only the client.

Couldn’t get any more info from your log above. Maybe it is an unreadable sector? I think chkdsk can find them with

chkdsk \B C:

I cannot execute the chkdsk /B now becouse the volume is mounted and i cannot stop the server… If i run a chkdsk without parameters, only for check the filesystem, i got :
There are 4KB of data damaged but there is no error on filesystem

Some week ago i execute a chkdks /f /r (find and repair), so i think chkdsk cannot solve the problem.

Thank you

Please i need another info…how can i start&stop the client from command line?
Thank you!

Chkdsk is only doing a perfunctory test per default and will not look at each sector. I think with the flag it would look at it. Since UrBackup only backs up used sectors there should perhaps not be an error then (If this was the reason for the error).

Anyway I guess there are tools to test, if all sectors on a hard disk are readble. If a sector is indeed unreadable I would RMA/through away the hard disk.

You can use net start UrBackupClientBackend and net stop UrBackupClientBackend