Cannot add storage volume

Decided to try out the infscape appliance since we have been playing with urbackup. We cannot get it to work out of the box. We are using virtualbox on windows for our test environment. Followed instructions on the “download” page. When ever I hit the “use device” it just hangs. Never actually sends a request. I think its probably a UI issue.

To clarify,

The instruction provide that you need to add the newly attached storage volume for caching when setting up S3. When we click the “use device” button, it hangs. After some investigating, there is a JS error in the UI and it doesn’t even send the request.

After some testing, This has gone away. What we did to resolve:

  1. Mounted the storage volume in an Ubuntu VM
  2. Formatted the volume using ext4
  3. Disconnected the Ubuntu VM
  4. Reconnected the infscape VM
  5. Booted and logged into the interface

There are some vital instructions missing from the setup. It is also worrisome that we have not been able to get any support from the developer, @uroni in regards to this. Tried to make contact via the infscape site with no luck and have had this thread open for a few days no with no luck. We are not able to justify even the small $40USD per month on OpenSource that provides little additional benefit.

I would love to learn otherwise.