Cannot add Client (Firewall?)

Hi all,
I have a client which was added some time ago but is not able to do backups anymore. I suggested it was due to infrastrcutre changes, but this makes no sense (new router). So I have deleted the client from urbackup and tried to move him back to the list of clients. Did not work. I have also reinstalled the client software (client and server are on the latest patchlevel) and no success. From the client I can ping the backup-server, but the backup server cannot ping the client. So I suggest it is an firewall issue? On the client (Windows 10 with Avira Antivirus installed) was nothing changed. All the other clients for fine in the same network.
How can I resolve this issue?
Manual adding of the client did not work also, “client is offline”.

Any help would be appreciated without disabling the firewall :slight_smile:

Ping is a standard network feature unrelated to UrBackup. If your server can ping other clients but not the one unable to backup, then you need to research that network issue with Windows 10 or your Avira antivirus, whichever is providing firewall services on that client, before continuing the UrBackup install.

If this is supposed to be a domain network, be sure the client firewall and antivirus network protection is showing the domain connection status and not something like “public network” that invokes more restrictive rules.


I have no clue what is causing this. With Avira diabled I am allowed to ping the client, but backup is not successful. This is a simple home network, the client is in the private network stack (on Windows) an I have really no idea. Software was reinstalled.
This is the only client with this kind of problem…

Okey I have a Win10 VM which is similar to my client which has some problems.
Also Windows 10 and Avira, but shutdown for a long time.
After boot of the VM in Urbackup it was showing as online. Some minutes later it goes offline. In the background updates of avira and windows happens.
I could also not backup here. so I have removed Avira and resetted the Windows Firewall back to default, but no luck…
Is there maybe a patch of Windows or so which is causing this problem?
I am out of ideas.

Just an update from my side. Had a physical machine power down for some while with no Avira on it^^
Urbackup was able to connect and do a full backup. After a restart, Win10 promts be that a new wired connection was found, and if the client should be found by others. I clicked no, and urbackup could not find my client again. I know that now the network was set to “puplic” not private on Windows, so I have ched that back, but urbackup never see the client again…
How can I change this? Maybe the virusscanner is not the problem, windows is.
any help would be AWSOME! :smiley:

Good news!
My notebook is back in the game. I have no idea why, but he was able to connect to the backup server. LOL