Cannot access from web GUI

I cannot enter the urbackup web GUI since last week, which I used to enter via However, there is no issue when I enter urbackup server using ssh. What can I do or which log file may I check and share?

Meanwhile, I wonder if there is any command line manual to to instead of using web GUI? I have a serial of client list and using web GUI has a low efficiency… I have check there is only few command and seem cannot replace the web GUI used. Please help.

I had the problem, had to restart the server which ran a database repair and then it came up after that.

yes, the situation is still the same for 3 days… I remember the volume is almost full, is that sth related?

When you say you cannot enter, is like slow performance issue or like error500 kind ?

You should be running with free space for UrBackup to do it’s job (30% free is a good level). If you aren’t, you’ll start having problems