Cannot access client backups from client

I cannot access clent backups from the Urbackup installed locally on the machine. Im hoping to be able to take care of a small business with this product.

I appreciate your time!


Are you receiving a specific error?

Can you explain how it is configured on the client?

  • What version of server and client?
  • What OS?
  • Locally on which machine?



Hello BrainWaveCC,

I am running urbackup Version: 2.4.14 on TrueNAS-12.0-U7.

The Install Application was generated from the server when I added it by IP address.

When I try access backups from a Windows 10 machine on my network, I right click on the application in the task bar select Access/Restore Backups. Then a web application windows appears and says no backups available on this client yet.


This is a Windows 10 machine that is being backed up, no doubt?

What type of backups have been performed on the client so far?

Also, have you done the following?

I have done a few Incremental backups and a few image backups. Although, creating a user that is directly related to the Local IP of the machine I am trying to test. With all permissions. No go…

I also changed this

When browsing backups the web interface will show a restore button if the client is online. The restore will ask for user confirmation. If the client includes a GUI component (tray icon), the user confirmation will popup for all active users on the client to be restored. If not acknowledged in time (timeout) or if declined the restore will fail. You can change this behaviour in C:\Program files \UrBackup \args.txt by changing “default” to “server-confirms” on Windows.


And you can’t access any of these backups from the client?

Yes, that is correct.

I’m running UrBackup in a couple environments, all on Windows, and all in Active Directory domains, and I have not seen what you are seeing – not under v2.4.13 or v2.4.14 (server side).

It could be that the difference in environments is a factor, but I cannot say that for sure.