Can we donate to the project?

urbackup solves so many problems for us that would normally cost thousands of dollars, and wouldn’t even run on Linux for that price either.

I’ve already looked at the code to see if I can help, but it’s way over my head, so can we donate to help support your work @uroni? Would be more than happy to arrange fiscal donation, or something else (hardware, infrastructure etc), anything we can to help keep this project growing :smile:

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I’d like to bump this. I’d like (my company) to donate to the cause. Please setup a paypal donation link or something.

Edit: Found this link:

Expect something headed that way soon. :smile:

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Thanks for the link @adamizme - I’ll hunt around for someone with a paypal account… I’ve been banned for being an alleged terrorist and refusing to send copies of my passport to random paypal staff… Because that would prove I’m not a terrorist! :wink:

If I might make a suggestion, accept donations via bitcoin.

We’d like to donate too … support this software as we use it and find it very useful.

Where can we donate? -> I mean, if we send money to will they be received by the project?

The best way now would be to buy CBT licenses ( ). That way it would be properly taxed. Doesn’t mean you have to use them ;).

I don’t understand…
A donation is tax free. Nothing wrong about that. If there are no Strings attached.