Can we do all distribution client backup from one server?


I was looking for taking backup for all linux and windows clients.
can it possible to install a windows server urbackup and from that i can add windows and all linux client and take full image backup ?
or i need to create seprate server for each cent os , ubtuntu etc and add client respectively ?

Urbackup Server is Urbackup Server regardless on wich Operatingsystem it runs…
Everything can be mixed together as you like

Following up with what @tarakesh said, and what you said:[quote=“wingireesh, post:1, topic:1999”]
all linux client and take full image backup

It can be mixed together, but linux clients - as far as I know in the 1.X build - cannot take an image backup. They can do file backups just fine, but not images; however, Windows works perfectly whether it is image or file.

Imagebackups are also not available in 2x for linux afaik. you can do snapshots and do a file backup. works with lvm or btrfs

i have did same , i have installed urbackup server in windows and tried to add a cent os 6 as client .
but its not getting online. ::::frowning:

You’re using @kot1grun’s build, right?

yes i did with that, still now working .
and let me know the path to discrible by default in main server webinterface settings.

I honestly have no idea what you said there, so I am going to assume you said this:

“Yes that is what I used, and it is still not working.
Let me know the path to (describe?) the default in the web-interface settings.”

Well, I do not know too much about the Linux version, but this is the filelist:

I will make note that I was having trouble backing up the entire root drive which is just:


but I really just needed to backup /path/to/folder so I just backed up that directory instead and it worked.