Can`t remove client from server

It`s show me “This client is going to be removed. Stop removing client” and nothing happens

Currently the client has to be offline for the server to remove it. I’ll look into getting that restriction removed, since you are the second person stumbling over it.

The client is offline and nothing changes. Actually I uninstall client.

How I can delete entries on screenshot?

They get deleted during the time you configured as cleanup-window. The server has to be running at that time.

Ive set up 1-7/0-1 and they dont disappear(

Hmm, weird. I guess you waited one night?

Things you could try:
*Enable autoshutdown. On Linux this does not work, but it causes the cleanup to happen on server start.
*Check if the clients still have a running image backup, by stopping the removal and looking at the detailed status.

You could also look in the server log, if warnings are there.