Can’t install infscape appliance to a vps

Hello, I am tryning to install the appliance to a vps which is running a fresh installed Debian 10.
I am getting the following error

I run the script

wget && bash

and get the following error:

Processing: Screenshot.png…

I also tried to reinstall the VPS and also tried with a debian 11 instead of debian 10: same error.
Also tried on different VPS still getting the same error

What does dmesg say at this point? How much memory does the VPS have?

Cannot write to ‘-’ (No such file or directory).
/ line 23: 2034 Exit 3 wget “$IMG_URL” -O -
2035 Killed | /usr/bin/zstd-cloud-deploy -d -c > /dev/map per/repl

4GB Ram