Can storage migration be halted or paused?

Just that really, I realise I should have done way more housekeeping before starting it, it’ll be migrating masses of stuff it doesn’t need to.

Would marking a ton of old backups for deletion & running cleanup.bat or remove_unknown.bat be safe with a migration recently started?

How are you migrating?

If it uses symbolic links (symlink_pool), it’s not safe to delete something while migrating, so you’d best start over after you delete something…

Using migrate_storage_to to shift from one NTFS drive to a bigger one formatted with large FRS /L switch so I can later enable server deduplication, per Microsoft’s recommendation for deduped volumes which may host large files.

I can find nothing called symlink_pool in my installation, or rather windows search can’t, but by “start over” do you mean for the currently migrating client (first one) or the entire installation? & do you mean restart migration, or ditch all backups & start from ground zero? I actually considered that as a migration strategy to be honest.