Can someone help me with that? .symlink_SqlServerWriter_

Hi everyone,
I have one client running Microsoft Windows 10 Home (build 16299) 64-bit (latest updates) with CBT version (2.1.19-cbt)

Previously I deleted all their files backups (1 old Full BK and 20 Incr BKs) the reason was that I wanted to recreated from fresh … anyway, also this client does not have enable image backup, anyway, after creating one full backup and one incremental, I wen to the server (win 2016 standard - latest updates) and saw that the client has a lo of .symlink_SqlServerWriter_ … hmmm I never seen that before, and because I only have two more CBT licenses, non of the other two clients using CBT has that …

Could someone explain me is this is ok? I checked all the other clients not-using-CBT and does not have it.

Thank you

Has nothing to do with CBT. If you do not want it to backup windows components (MSSQL in your case) change default=1 to default=0 in the advanced settings on the server.

Ok, now I understand, thank you very much for your quick respond