Can i use NFS to store backup?

Hello, i’m using urbackup on dedicated server (kimsufi/ovh) and works fine.

can i buy a new dedicated server and buy a remote NFS storage (ex hetzner storage box) and mount locally, then install urbackup server and setup to store backup on that NFS ?

so i can save money, of course for me is ok don’t have high performance.

thank you

Yes I do that.

I run UrBackup on a virtual machine.

I have a separate box with TrueNAS and a dataset shared via NFS to the UrBackup machine.

The NFS share is mounted with autofs (can also use fstab) in /mnt/urbackup-storage which can be set in the UrBackup settings.

ok, thank you.

another question.
is safe to mount a remote with rclone (fuse) and set UrBackup to write there?

i have an account with unlimited storage on Google drive (only limit is 400k files and directory)

thank you in advance

I’m not familiar with rcloe (fuse) so I cannot say.

ok thank you. i will try, but i think that i will use NFS (or local storage)

thank you again