Can I run client and server on same computer?

A family member and I run our own NAS’s in our homes. We’d like to backup critical files from our own NAS on each other’s NAS. I assume this requires installing both the UrBackup Client and Server on the Computers (running Windows Server 2012). This is possible? or is there another way to accomplish this?


No special pb doing that.
Just make sure to exclude the backup dir from your client backups.

You ll need to set up port forwarding on your router and use internet mode.

awesome! thanks!

You may also want to stop the UrBackup server process on the local machine when you connect your local client to the remote server to prevent the client from connecting to the local server instead, and restart the local server after the client has a good connection. Under Windows there are .bat files with the stop and start commands included. (I copied them into separate Ur-start.bat and Ur-stop.bat files.) I understand similar procedures are provided for the other server versions which should tell you what to do.

I administer five offices that backup critical data between servers this way. Works very well.