Can I run 2 URBackup Servers on the same Network

First, Awesome Software. I am so glad I ran into this. My Synology Backups were killing me.

I am building out a new Server Rack and looking to see if my scenario will work. Here is a quick breakdown of what I am trying to do.

Primary Server and JBOD Storage (URBackup Client) will be backed up to Secondary/Backup Server and JBOD Storage (URBackup Server).

Then I would like a Second URBackup Server to Backup both my Primary and Secondary Servers Main Hard drive.

My thinking is if the Primary Server goes down I can re-silver the Main Hard Drive and Storage from the Secondary/Backup Server. If my Secondary/Backup Server goes down. I can re-silver the Main Hard drive from my Second URBACKUP Only server. From there I should be able to see my JBOD with all my Backups or do I need to do a Full JBOD backup as well on my second URBACKUP server?

Thank you in advance and when I get this project completed I am going to throw some money at this, because it is the right thing to do.

Welcome. I agree that this is awesome software.

Yes, you can run multiple UrBackup servers on the same network. Pay close attention to the documentation on how to get a client system to recognize a second UrBackup Server.

If I understand what you are attempting, you have the following:
SERVER1 backed up to BACKUP1 (full data)
SERVER1 and BACKUP1 backed up to BACKUP2 (main hard drive only)

If gather you intend to do image backups, and not just file backups?

What you’re trying to do is interesting, but I’m not sure I would do it that way.

What I am doing in one of my customer environments is this:

Office A has:

  • FileServerA1
  • FileServerA2
  • BackupServerA1

Office B has:

  • FileServerB1
  • FileServerB2
  • BackupServerB1

BackupServerA1 backs up file servers in both offices.
BackupServerB1 backs up file servers in both offices.

If we lose any file server, we can restore their data from the local office based on our retention. (We’re doing file backups only)

If we lose either backup server, we can rebuild the server, and restore the server key information (see docs), and as long as the backup data survived the server issue, we have lost nothing but time. If the whole backup server was lost, we just rebuild and start the backups again from that point.

I wouldn’t be inclined to backup the backup data anywhere else.

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Your scenario is solid. Yeah, my thinking was if Server1 and backup1 mains went down. I would be able to push the Image back to the systems (with the hopes the storage is still unharmed) and get up and running as fast as possible. I will wrap my head around the documentation.

Thank you,

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Good point, but if you have two backup servers, you already have a fairly efficient recovery path. Worst case, the two backup servers would then be out of sync. Best case, you’d only lose the OS on the backup server, and a rebuild would be pretty fast.

But, overall, what you’re probably looking at is this:

  • FileServerA1
  • FileServerA2 (both UrBackup server and secondary file server)
  • BackupServerB1 (just an UrBackup server)

FileServerA2 backs up FileServerA1 in totality (possibly as both OS image, plus files for all data).
BackupServerB1 backs up all the data of FileServerA1, and the OS drive of FileServerA2 (as Image).

I guess this might make it a little faster to restore FileServerA2 in an emergency…

Personally, I prefer to keep the file server and backup server functionality separate because of I/O concerns, and necessary file permissions.

I am stuck in one problem with urbackup server. Actually I have configured one server in my network and for remote users we ran internet backup through one public IP. which is working fine… thanks to you!

Now the issue, we are planning to add one more server for remote users but we have only one public IP which have already used for above server.

So could you please help me out for how can I configured another server on same network as well as on same public IP. Is it possible or not ?


Hello, yep, you can just change ports in configuration of server, and http serwer for website access only if you want acces to it from outside

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Hello, Thanks for your reply…

you mean to say that I have to change internet port 55415 in the args file ?

And if I will change the port no in this server file then should we required to changes any port no from the client side also…


Many Thanks! its working!