Build UrBackup server (Centos 6.6 x64)

Hello! I have Centos 6.6 x64. I installed the required dependencies.
Attempt compilation server. Before building server I installed libcurl from this repo (in Centos6 repo-es does not find a new version libcurl):
Check curl:

yum list installed | grep curl
python-pycurl.x86_64 7.19.0-8.el6 @anaconda-CentOS-201311272149.x86_64/6.5

I tried run ./configure:

checking for gawk… (cached) gawk
checking for curl-config… no
checking whether libcurl is usable… no
configure: error: Your system lacks of libcurl >= 7.20.0
configure: error: ./configure failed for urlplugin

How can I solve problems with building last server?

Hello. Unfortunately CentOS 6 is shipped with very old libcurl 7.19 which lacks mail function. CityFan repo is good, but it breaks “basic system” with new curl and is not recommended.
Is it OK to just ./configure --without-mail ?

Thanks for you advice! It works! What do you think is it possible to build libcurl (or curl?) from sources?

senya, please read No " mail settings " on web interface
Why not to use repo? Why do you want to build your own?
I try to keep it up to date.
Maybe I’ll try to ship library for legacy RHEL distributions with sources in next release.

Sorry, we misunderstood each other :smile: I’m not talking about creating my repository. I’m talking about expanding of your repository. It will be very good if you add to repository urbackup-client packages. Is it possible to add to repository packages on which depends UrBackup? Example: curl/libcurl and wxWiget are correct version.

I’ve done.

(second link is not working right now, you have to wait)

You can try it.
I suggest to split gui and non-gui part as many users will use it on machines without X (e.g. servers).

Good job! Tomorrow I will try it! I hope developers will also make additions to documentation and the FAQ about installing on RHEL-like linux.

@senya install libcurl-devel package , Its worked for me .