Build environment

Do you have any documentation about your build environment? I am trying to get up and running on your project to possibly help and it is an uphill battle so far. Everytime I resolve one issue with builds in VS2013, I run in to another. The latest is with WxWidgets, and hopefully it will be the last one but I have been working on it for a bit now and have yet to get a successful build.

I haven’t upgraded to VS 2013 yet (still using VS 2010, but upgrade is planned).

Here are some instructions for building the client:

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Thank you very much. It is much appreciated.

@uroni, I am getting back around to this and it appears that the Git repo on SourceForge no longer has the build_client.bat file that it once had? Do you have updated instructions, or is there something I am missing?

Also, the link you provided on the Atlassian page does not work:

I’ve been working on a VS2013 build for a while. I forked the repos on github, not sourceforge. Martin picked up my pull request there to build the urbackup_backend repo under VS2013. I’ve got a pending pull request to build the urbackup_frontend_wx repo as well. I haven’t been using build_client.bat. Instead, I just build the VS2013 solution I created (UrBackupBackendVS12.sln). I am working on getting the build_client/build_server batch scripts working with VS2013, but that’s not ready yet.

I’ve been running the client-side self-built with VS2013 for a few weeks now. I ended up not using Martin’s urbackup_deps_client repo, and built wxWidgets myself instead. But I did clone that repo, using, which is working for me.

You might want to take a look at my forks under, though most of what I’ve done has made it into urbackup_backend already.

I removed the last post, after changing to wxWidgets 3.0 I forgot to change the include directory on the solution. It is compiling now. Thank you for your help.