Bug: Windows Clients unable to find server

I am running UrBackup 2.3.7 as a server on ubuntu 18.04 as docker container with the opened ports as decribed in the readme. I am able to add all clients manually by adding them with IP adress. I have a couple of windows clients and a linux client. While the linux client was auto-discovered, the windows clients don’t. After couple of days I do now see that only the linux clinet is updated/backed-up but the windows clients dont. They are not even showing as online.
I am asking myself how this could occur…
I am suggesting that the docker container may need to run into “host-mode” as he is unable to resolve DNS and DHCP as the ports are not opened. Client configuration is 1:1 the same as before, where I have moved from a non-docker/bare-metal installation.
Please help

Problem solved:
It was indeed a configuration problem.
@uroni You need to update your documentation for Docker. I have removed the ports from the docu and added “–network host”.
The clients (and I mean all) going online immediatly, so that is showing me that you forgot to open some ports for that docker container. Nevertheless it might be difficult as you cannot use ports 67,68 and 53 for passing thru to the container, as it would break the host from working correctly. Maybe you can find a solution, it is working for me in host mode now.
Thanks :slight_smile: