BUG: NOTHING backed from Windows clients if the target doesn't support VSS

Just that, specify a directory on a volume that doesn’t support VSS, & nothing from it gets backed up, or at least, if anything does, the entire directory is NOT listed when you access backups to restore, rendering the inaccessible “backup” (if it exists) moot.

All you see is an error in the log that referencing the path to the unsupported snapshot failed, well users don’t specify backup paths to SNAPSHOTS, only to actual DATA, which they require to be backed up.

One wonders what the point of the require_snapshot flag is exactly, when it’s not only effectively the default in spite of what the manual says, but actually required for any backup to be useful.

Sometimes they’re less worried about a perfectly crash consistent copy of everything than they are about backing it up at all… Just saying.

Whatever, this one isn’t just an annoyance like the “reboot required” thing with the CBT client, some people have say a SD card permanently installed for extra storage in laptops, & being “removable” they don’t support VSS.

I’d not be so upset if image backups failed, though even then some other solutions either warn or force a volume dismount & back up in spite, but for file backups it’s pretty much inexcusable, even MSBACKUP from DOS v 6.22 does better. Hell COPY built into DOS v1.0 is better.

Sorry @uroni, but THIS ONE needs fixing in the current stable branch even if it distracts you from the version in testing!