Bug in Web Interface during backup


Urbackup (2.3.6) is running on a (“Backup Server”) Rpi 3 . Basically very stable
I tried to backup an Ubuntu Server 18.04
After a couple of hours the Web Interface shows
Progress: 100% (72.69 GB / 72.7 GB) BUT
Files remainig in queue : 620000 and no ETA or speed information
It took another day to store the remaining files.

It is obvious that the progress calculation in the web interface (activities) is wrong.


UrBackup is a pipelined process with multiple stages. The client transfers are allowed to finish and release that PC while the server continues to process the files for deduplication. You’re seeing both measures – one from the client perspective and the other from the server work perspective. Both are correct and useful…


Thx for the explanation.
I totally agree on the value of the Info given in the Web Interface.
However, it would prevent confusion if in the web interface it could be recognized which info is server related and which info belongs to the client.