BUG: Illegal characters appear before the hash, if the file name is too long

If the file name is too long, the server truncates it. But illegal characters appear before the hash (which is at the end). As a consequence, I cannot access such files through SAMBA or FTP directly. They just don’t show up. Windows OS does not understand this symbol! See screenshot.

Latest Server and Client versions installed. Server on Debian 9, Clients on Windows 10.

Thanks for the report. Will look into it. It is probably an UTF-8 byte sequence getting sliced when shortening the name.

You can try converting UTF8 to UTF16, trimming, and converting back. As in the code section for _WIN32 (in FileBackup :: fixFilenameForOS ())

utf8::utf8to16(fn.begin(), fn.end(), back_inserter(tmp));

utf8::utf16to8(tmp.begin(), tmp.end(), back_inserter(fn));

And there is one more small problem: file extensions are not saved…

Please, fix bug :confused: