BUG: File list (count) using browse/restore differs in urbackupclientctl and webGUI


Playing with restore found very nasty bug.

Platform: Linux, server/client up to date.

urbackupclientctl browse shows less files than you can see in WebGUI.
Using urbackupclientctl restore-start restores less files than using Restore button on WebGUI.

Spotted this when tried to restore some folder with big files. Restore progress (size to restore) count sizes well (same sum in command and GUI), but when doing restore from command it just ends earlier. Enabling DEBUG logs on server/clients shows nothing about problems - when using command line client doesn’t request ‘missing’ file, so server never sends it.
Played a bit browsing some random folders with big files (easier to manually check diffs) and easily found this bug on 2 different clients in no time. Fast checked source code and didn’t found obvious reason why it doesn’t work as expected, not sure (yet) if WebGUI shares same code for browsing/restoring (checked clientctl part so far).

Best regards.