[Bug] changing computer name acts like new Client, not renaming existing one

My test client is a WIndows 10 VM (pro), fully updated.

Installed the client, and it registered with a silly hostname (which was auto-generated by the Win10 install).

Once the backups had completed, I figured I’d test how it behaves when renaming the computer. So, renamed the computer (VM) hostname, then rebooted. After login, the desktop client launched, but is now showing up in the UrBackup Server GUI as a completely new client, with no backups… :frowning:

This is going to be a problem, and seems like a bug to me. Thoughts?

I’m assuming the VM has the urbackup client in when created, and it is being discovered and backup runs as soon as it is up.
Is that correct?
Is so, can’t you stop the Server S/W, boot , rename , and restart the Server S/W so it can discover the new name?

Not 100% sure if I understand your question, but here’s my response, and hope it answers it. :slight_smile:

Before I rename the computer, the UrBackup client is on the VM, and I have done a bunch of backups of the Win VM itself, a full image and full file backup was completed before renaming the computer.

After renaming the computer, then rebooting it, UrBackup treats it like a new client, adding it to the environment, instead of renaming the existing client entry.

I would prefer that it rename the existing client entry, instead of adding a new one.

Does that clarify? :slight_smile:

Yes, I got the impression it was automatically doing the backup when the VM booted.
I’m guessing you have a reason for doing what you are doing, but why not rename before doing backups?

For the rename question, you could post a new thread in the Feature Requests section for the S/W to do the rename.
I guess there would have to be some client ID it would have to check against to see if the new client system is physically the same as an existing one, if so then rename old backups to new client name.
Downside would be if you had hundreds of clients
You would have to compare new client ID to every existing client and eat up resources.

I’m labbing for various scenarios. It seems very likely to me that there could be a computer in the future that gets renamed, but you want to keep the backups for it. Do you really want to delete the backups to do that? That seems silly and… destructive.

I’m new to the UrBackup forums here, so if I’m posting this in the wrong spot, I can repost it elsewhere, or maybe get a forum mod/admin to move it?