Btrfs with md raid10

Hi all,

I’m new with urbackup server, i had a urbackup server with ubuntu linux raid raid10 (Hw specs: corei5 16gb Ram Hds Seagate 2tb) partitions with ext4 format, but i must change server to other with a same hardware. i read on manual about btrfs is better for dedup and compression, but in post ZFS or BTRFS as the best way to setup a dedicated urbackup server?

says it cannot works with more than one disk or with raid, can help me if it works in this scenario, if backup of old server with ext4 works with a partition btrfs?

What I said was

Btrfs is mainly unsuited if you have more than two disks (RAID5/6).

Which does not mean one disk. Otherwise I would have said “more than one disk”.

Here is an ok list of what is working and what doesn’t: This assumes you are using a recent kernel (4.19.8 as of now). You can also use a distribution that officially supports btrfs from SuSE. They disable features that don’t work and keep btrfs updated on supported releases.

Thanks for quick answer, i’m worried because i have one Raid10 array with four disks, but the documentation of brtfs says that is supported, then about backup after i restore old urbackup storage and copy /var/urbackup to new server even with btrfs is will work?

I am running a raid 10 array 4 disks 8tb each with brtfs, so far so good…