BTRFS restore alternative


My backup data is on a BTRFS RAID 1 pool and it began to show “checksum verify failed” and “parent transid verify failed” messages. After searching a lot, I found that I could copy all the information from the failing file systems to another BTRFS file system, using

btrfs restore -s -x -m -S <old_dev> <new_location>

But it is possible, that not all the information gets copied. Is there a way to inform the urbackup server that the pool data may have errors, so it can check and correct the data if possible?.

Is there another way to copy the data pool to a new file system, taking into account that as I’m using BTRFS there are a lot of subvolumes that need to be recreated?

EDIT: btrfs restore is not recreating the subvolumes

Have you checked btrfs replace? I’m not 100% sure if that covers your use case but it might be worth checking it out.

As far as I understand, the error I have is a logic error and not a hardware error, and I’m not sure btrfs replace solves this. The other question is as I have a 2 HD raid pool, should I replace both disks? I already replace one, and it didn’t work. I will try replacing the other one.