Browse PC's by Group

Hi, I am using UrBackup on 70 Pc’s now and will add more up to all most 500 and I just found out that when I try to restore a PC I only get a list of all pc’s backuped on my server from where to chose the one I need and it’s proving to be challenging because we have many PC’s with similar name (but on different groups) and on a group of 70 PC’s it takes a lot of searching to find the right one and can’t imagine doing it with 500 pc’s but if it was possible to choose the group first and then the PC it would be much more easier as each group contains 10-12 PC’s max.


Upvoting, but there are already a few feature requests for this.
Filtering like on the status tab would be perfect(it s not very clear but you can search for groups on it)

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