Beta version 2.5.19 pls advise on correct install procedure

Hello, I need help with both the client and server beta 2.5.14/2.5.19
What is the best way to install? Currently I have a clean install of both the beta client and server. Previously I’ve tried an install over top of 2.4.11/2.4.13 client/server.

In either instance I was not able to get linux image backups to work. I do have dattobd installed, LVM snapshots and partclone. Ubuntu 20.04 with kernel rolled back to 5.4 in order to install dattobd.

During the install I am not prompted for the type of backup i.e. LVM vs dattobd.

thank you for your assistance, I’ve been working on this for 3 days! and ‘think’ I’ve searched everywhere possible for answers.