Best way to create a new data store (loosing data?)

Hi, we seem to have well over 30 million files in the data store, this would take weeks to move, its likley faster to just loose them, as its only back up data.

So if we create a new data store, whats the best way to have the server look at it? just to move the data store location then let nightly clean up work out all the data is gone? should we delete all the data first then change the data store location?

This would be very helpful to have a tool inside the backup server to MOVE the data store instead of this being manual, especially as their are so many files and links inside the database to said files.

I performed the location change on the server and then executed the command urbackupsrv remove-unknown

As this is run directly on a NAS, we dont have access to the backup, these clean up and move commands really need to be in the GUI.

We managed to move the data store location, i read that many hard coded links are created, so the new store location (according to UrBackup GUI) was then renamed to be identical to the old one, all looks ok… on starting the server it sees all the backups ok, the PCs started to resume backups i stopped from before the file move, however am seeing in the log files many HASH issues with not finding the file to rename… i am hoping this self resolves (some PCs are now backing up ok).

So how does the HASH work, is it a database only thing, as moving the data i bet would create a HASH issue