Best way to copy Urbackup to a backup server

Wondering what is the best way to copy Urbackup to a backup server, so it can be used if primary server is down.
I currently use rsync to copy /var/urbackup to the backup server.
When I install a urbackuo update on the primary, I install it on the backup as well, and prevent it from starting.
I also replicate the backup tree to the backup server as well.

Is there anything else I need to do, or is what I’m doing wrong?

The goal is to be able to just start urbackupsrv and have it ready to do backups with current database, and the backup files available for restore if needed.
Obviously I would have to update the server_indents.txt on the clients.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I think the best is to schedule to backup to the each servers on alternate days. Bandwidth usage shouldn’t be that different from rsync. Plus you re sure the backup serer actually works, and it s harder to make a config mistake on both.

So you can backup to 2 local server or one internet and one local server. I am unsure the fix for running two servers in internet mode is released yet in stable version.

Just use the same ident files everywhere, it simpler , or for additional security, use one per server, but then you need to add them to the client as well.

Thanks for the reply,
I guess that could be implemented with a couple cron jobs to stop/start urbackupsrv and stop my rsync job that copies the backups from one server to the other.
The drawback that I see to doing it that way, is the “backups” would not be identical on both servers.

No need for cronjob , just keep then running and use the scedulling within urbackup