Best way of backing up Hyper-V servers

I have reasetly installed my new UrBackup server on a FreeNAS jail.
I have 10 Windows 2012 Hyper-V servers that I want to backup.
Can someone please tell me the best way to setup the clients so i have a good Hyper-V backup? :slight_smile:

What size are the VHDs? Are you wanting to backup the Hyper-V hosts, or the individual clients?

Until @Uroni works out the details of block change tracking on large files (like VHDs), each backup of the host itself would trigger a full backup of the VHD that your VMs run off of. If those VHDs are very large, that is going to be costly to do, both in terms of storage space and network/processor time.

There is a commercial block tacking module can be purchased from the homepage-> commercial.

He could/may try it.

The VHDs are all from 50Gb to 900Gb.
I see on the backups until now that all VHDs are full backups, and they take a loooong time to run and transfer.

What’s the average speed? Do you know where your bottleneck is?