Best server OS and filesystem for Urbackup Server?


I’m testing urbackup server and it works fine, I’ve used a server with Windows 2019, two 2Tb HDD in Raid 1, ReFS in the storage volume and deduplication enabled but I’ve readed some post about the preference to use Linux.

Which should be the best OS+fs for urbackup? Mainly it will be used for internet backups (image and files) and a good storage management (space) would be needed. I guess HDD peroformance is not important since the bottleneck is going to be on the internet line (1Gbps) but may be SSD a better option in that scenery?

I have a test server with Ubuntu Server 20.04, should I give it a try?


I’m always using ZFS for my UrBackup servers because it automagically provides data integrity, good RAID options where needed, data compression to save space, and snapshot+replication for periodic USB dumps.

Ubuntu has the best ZFS support so far when it comes to Linux, other distros can make your ZFS pool unavailable after kernel update. Oh and on’t bother with ZFS deduplication if you choose that route.

UrBackup has some ZFS integration built in (link), I’m not using it tho.