Best practices on backups?

i was wondering if someone could shed some light, Currently using restic for backups on my linux servers, but as restic is complicated on a windows server i wanted to implement a better solution, I was looking at urbackup and working really nice,
I was wondering whats the rule with the full backups and the incremental? As on restic it always incremental after the first full, should i keep that same scheme? or do a full every now and then?

Thank you

Sure, file backups can be always incremental, whereas image backups should be always incremental only when using the “Raw copy-on-write” file format.

With btrfs UrBackup can also use a special raw image file format. This format has no size limitation and allows for an “incremental forever” style image backup. (source)

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thanks for the reply, so its possible to only do on full backup of the files and never again? just incremental
ex: do a full backup day 1 then incremental every day 90 days,
on the 91 day, deletes the 1st incremental backup


Correct. This is how I’ve set it up myself.

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