Best Practice of Restore of File Backup

Hello All,
Can any suggest me what is the Best practice to Restore the data from UrBackup.
I have configured the Backup like
Full backup for Every 7 Days
Incremental for Every 24 Hours
Please suggest the best practice to avoid data loss in client systems.

How frequently you backup the Clients depends on how quickly information on the Client is being changed. If the loss of one day of changes on a single Client is a major difficulty for your purposes, then make the interval smaller.

In the organization I support, critical information is typically stored on the office server which has features to ensure reliability. This critical information is, in turn, backed up daily, both to an offsite location using UrBackup on an offsite server and to a (local) portable hard drive which is kept locked in a fire-resistant safe. Workstations are backed up daily using UrBackup on the local server.

This plan came from a decision that a disaster which makes the office server irrecoverable is sufficiently rare that more frequent backups are not required, and that a potential interruption in service of several days at a single branch location is tolerable. It also understands that a single backup type or location is not sufficient to ensure recovery when such is needed.