.bat file with shutdown command does not work in domain environment

Windows domain does not allow to run .bat that contains a shutdown command without admin rights. You can run it through CMD as a normal user, just not through a .bat file. I’m almost certain it was working 1 month ago, so I’m not completely sure what changed, but Microsoft did something. Does anyone have any solution on how to shutdown PCs after the backup is done? I’m suspecting that other .bat files might also not be getting launched.

I was using shutdown.bat which seems to require admin rights for some reason to execute. I renamed it to turn_off.bat and it works just fine now.

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I’m sorry to intervene, but I just fkn LOVE simple solutions like this.
“Well, I’m not sure what is broken now, but if I fix this with glue and tape it works”.
Best would obv be to understand why it broke in the first place, but if you got it working this way, why bother/care!

Same here.

I was/am wondering if calling a batch file (to perform shutdown) from the original batch file would have also worked. But, hey, it works.

Btw, did anyone else notice their PCs not shutting down anymore after the last Windows 11 revision? It was working perfectly fine for months, now all of the PCs refuse to shut down after the specified hour.

The file has to be named postimagebackup.bat in case of image backup. Not sure if I never noticed, but it used to work with shutdown.bat in the past.