Bare metal migration best practice?


Posting here instead of sending a direct ticket so others may find it useful.

We currently have a bare metal server with a 256GB OS drive, 2TB cloud cache, and 55TB stored in S3. We want to migrate our server to a different provider due to bandwidth constraints.

Would anyone be able to provide the steps needed in order to accomplish this?


I guess there are many ways to accomplish this.

I’ve done it previously via aws cli. The problem is that because it’s different endpoints a simple aws s3 sync doesn’t work and I had to write a bash script to manually do it:
s3_move.7z (854 Bytes)

The bash script expects the default profile to be configured as source and the “target” profile for the target. To keep the etag of the objs as md5sum aws cli should be setup with a multipart_threshold greater than 20MB (e.g. 100MB). The script only works if the server is offline, but it should be trivial to configure it such that it continues on error and doesn’t delete the object on the source once it is copied to dest. Then you can use it to live migrate like below.

An easier option might be to use rclone sync in combination with the strategy of running the sync multiple times while the server is still running. Then shutdown the server, run sync a final time and then start and point the server at the new S3 bucket.

Hey @uroni ,

Thanks for the response. That script seems to be a migration for s3 buckets? We are going to be sticking with the same S3 provider and bucket, so that won’t move. I’m curious about what’s involved when simply migrating the bare metal servers running infscape. Do I just:

  • Spin up a new infscape server at the new provider
  • Configure the S3 bucket that’s being used at the old provider
  • Change DNS records
  • Shutdown the old server

How is licensing handled in that case?

Yeah, if you keep the S3 bucket it is easier. Instructions:

Make sure the old server isn’t running while importing the new server. I’d keep it (in shutdown state) till the new one if confirmed working, though.

Once it’s running change the DNS. It restores the license from S3 as well.