Backups web - page - Mark Full Backups with a different color or have a filter

This should be a easy feature to implement. Please add a different color or BOLD to Full Backups. Or ability to filter only Full backups (Filter by Column can be an option as well).

UrBackup is DIFFERENT! There is no such thing as a non-full backup. Once a backup is complete, it contains a total snapshot of the selected drives or folders as of the backup time. The way UrBackup stores file data allows it to use less storage than traditional full or incremental backup software.

The terms “Full” and “Incremental” have entirely different meanings in UrBackup. A “Full” file backup tells the Client module to send the directory information (metadata) - not the contents - from all files in the selected folders. The Server module then selects the files that have changed and requests the changed sections be sent. An “Incremental” file backup lets the Client decide what has changed based on its saved metadata list, and only offers the Server those files it thinks were changed. The only difference is the amount of metadata sent across the network.

There is no difference in the data stored nor in what is restored when requested. Therefore there is no reason to distinguish between backups originally performed as “Full” or “Incremental”.